Wednesday 3 August 2016

Michael Garrett and Chums
Michael Garrett and his talented chums are new to the live music circuit, pairing soft, powerful melodies with a distinctly narrative songwriting style. Featuring Michael Garrett (Guitar and Vox), Angus Kemp (Viola), Bobbie Roberts (Cello) and T-Bone Williams (Cajon).

“Michael Garrett’s soft, gorgeous voice sounds like the meeting point somewhere between Paul Simon and Glen Hansard, and his songs are just as easily comparable.” – Folkroom Records

Charlie Thomas
Brighton based singer-songwriter Charlie Thomas makes a welcome return to Folking Around, this time featuring his exciting full band. His writing style is not limited in genre and tries to find a blend between a wide spectrum of influences, in order to create something truly representative of all he absorbs.

Last time around he tentivitely pre-released his very first recordings exclusively for us. This went on to become the ‘Bedroom EP’, which was officially released on 4th February 2016, to resounding praise. The EP’s concept follows the innocence of a bedroom musician creating without compromise – capturing this period and signing off this chapter to the next.

“I’m a bit in love with this one if you couldn’t tell already. All in all this is a well-rounded, extremely promising, dreamy debut release.” – Secret Scout Blog

G D Sweeney & The Undercover Cowboys
Heralding from a culture of storytelling and a rich musical heritage, London based G D Sweeney has combined his love of Bluegrass, Rock, Ragtime, Swing, traditional Folk melodies and classic Country sounds with his Irish roots. His new-traditional style is the backdrop to the intriguing narratives and characters in his songs.

“This blend of transatlantic musical influences wouldn’t be out of place among Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions work, but with Sweeney cleverly adding his own modern twist on traditional country music themes such as whiskey and women, loss and finding redemption.” – Leicester Mercury

Alex Lozano
London based singer-songwriter Alex Lozano draws inspiration from self-penned tales of a band of unusual characters, to paint ethreal songs of Soho nights, journeys on the shivering seas, and lovers sleeping beneath the cherry blossom trees. In doing so he creates an enchanted series of folk influenced lullabies and creepy blues, with just a trace of psychedelia to season the mix.

“There are lots of birds, of an avian variety… [because] music seems to me like a weightless new perspective on our gravity-ridden existence.” – Alex Lozano