Wednesday 6 July 2016

Mockingbird are a london based band dabbling in folk, country and bluegrass. With four part harmonies, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, a fiddle and the occasional shaky egg, their live set is unique and immersive. Taking inspiration from artists such as The Staves, Alison Krauss and the legendary Johnny Cash, these girls are ones to watch.

Mad Stick Dog
Mad Stick Dog are a five piece band playing a toe-tapping selection of Cajun, Celtic and Old Time tunes on a variety of traditional stringed instruments.

Days Are Done
Launched and hailing from your very own Kingston-upon-Thames, Days Are Done a mesmerising duo of guitar and voices. Branding themselves as ‘heart-breaking’ and ‘folk mets americana & more’ Emmy & Adam performed their first live show exclusively for Folking Around last summer before recording their debut EP, ‘Live at Hands Coffee Co Vol I & II’ (presented by yours truly), in November 2015 – and it’s available now!

Doctor Slideshow

Doctor Slideshow are a dynamic post-modern ‘medicine show’ duo, creating a collage of original songs, covers and tunes from anywhere and everywhere. The list of instruments used on-stage by the pair is simply dazzling and enough to make any right minded soundman weep: mandolin, banjolin, puerto-rican cuatro, tenor banjo, tiple, baritone ukulele, charango, lap steel, all types of guitar, including tenor guitar, fife, melodica, keyboards, cajon, sidekick, snare drum, foot percussion, sock cymbal, djembe, bongos, zydeco scrub board, cajun tee-fer, shakers, rattlers and rollers, birdee whistle, train whistle, chromatic harmonicas, diatonic harmonicas, harmonica stacks, contra-bass harmonica, 24 chord harmonica, blues harp and vocals!